Home Security Systems Integrated Residential Security Solutions Intelligent Security Systems. Safety and protection at your fingertips in an ideal app for any emergency situation. Fire Control Systems Fire Systems Licence: ACR-2422609 Home Automation and Immotic Your home, industry or complex enjoying safety, comfort and savings in costs and energy.

We are experts in security systems for residence, business and corporate environments.

Home security systems

We have advanced alarm systems that can be activated and deactivated from anywhere in the world using your mobile phone.

Small Business Security Systems

Alarm systems and closed circuit television (CCTV), smoke detection and fire extinguishing systems, synchronized with our monitoring center.

Security systems for corporations

We design and integrate large-scale security platforms for restaurants, department stores, hotels, industrial plants and more.

Centurion has provided quality Alarm service to the greater Houston area since 1984 and plan to do so for the years to come. We have now partnered with Amco Security and will bring their 35+ years of experience and excellence in the Alarm and Fire Industry to our customers and area.

Our focus is to provide reliable and high quality service to all of our customers. Our goal is to service our customers in a timely manner and to always bring the best products to their home or business. Our promise has always been to give the community we service peace of mind.

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