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Sistemas de seguridad para casa

Soluciones integrales en seguridad residencial para proteger tu patrimonio.

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Increase the efficiency of your home, lower costs and improve the productivity of your occupants through the integration of the HVAC, lighting, security, and protection systems in a unified control platform helping you make smarter decisions

Z-Wave Technology

Z-Wave is emerging as the industry standard for easy-to-install home automation for lighting, HVAC, appliances, and many more devices in residential and small commercial applications

Z-Wave Module

Control up to 140 Z-Wave devices

Enables remote control of connected devices via Virtual Keypad™ app

Favorites allows for programming multiple devices into a single button for easy use

Temperature Control

Users have remote control over their thermostats

Lighting And Appliance Control

Take total control of incandescent, fluorescent and compact fluorescent lighting, as well as overhead lighting, and small appliances

Light Bulb Control

The Z-LB60Z-1 Z-Wave LED Light Bulb screws into any normal light bulb socket, making it the fastest and most efficient way to take wireless control of lighting in your home or small business

Garage Door Remote Controller Accessory

The Garage Door Controller is compatible with virtually any automatic garage door opener

Door Control

Users can remotely lock or unlock their doors and remotely check the lock status. The panel can be programmed to change the lock status based on the alarm system

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